TYGA Bollington

Instructor - Master George Ioannou (7th Dan)

TYGA Bollington is a family class for student 4yrs+ for all levels of experience; starting out or an experienced martial artist. We practice all elements of TYGA such as free fighting/sparring, Katas, Karate Self defense & street defense. Classes: Saturdays from 1-2pm at Bollington Health and Leisure Centre, Cheshire.

Empower Martial Arts

Instructors - N/A

Days & Times: N/A
Address: N/A

Essex Wado Ryu Karate (EWRK)

Instructor - Sensei Alistair Thomson (6th Dan)

EWRK is a traditional karate club that teaches the art of Wado Ryu Karate; suitable for all ages. Classes every Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 25 Telford Road, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 4LP.

Tyga Monarch Jujitsu

Instructor - Keith Turner 7th Dan

Days & Times: Tuesdays 7:15 - 8:45pm
Address: Milnrow Cricket Club, Harbour lane, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 4HF
Tel: 01706 299430

Tyga SEKA Club

Instructor - Dave Saunders 6th Dan

Days & Times: Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30pm
Address: Bucklermead School Sports Hall, Yeovil, Somerset
Tel: 07971683071

TYGA Northampton/Banbury Club

Instructor - Master Steve Hunt 8th Dan

Days & Times: Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, 7:00 - 9:00pm.
Tel: 07949503348


Instructors - Master Mark Vallint 4th Dan & Eric Jackson 2nd Dan

Address: Stuart Road, Pontefract, Yorkshire
Tel: 07808207355

Hampshire Academy of Shotokan Karate

Instructors - Daz Stirrat 7th Dan

Days & Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-8pm, Sundays 10-12am.
Address: Nimrod Community Centre, Gosport, PO13 8AA
Tel: 07545675544

TYGA Kensington Club

Instructors - GM Gary Wasniewski, Master Mark Murphy 8th Dan, Master Dev Nayak 7th Dan

Days & Times: Saturdays 1-2pm & Mondays 9-10pm
Address: Kensington Leisure Centre, London W10 6EX